VOLT™ Pulse
Hybrid E-bike

rrp £1699 £1399.00 36V Standard [55+ Miles] rrp £1899 £1599.00 36V Large [80+ Miles]
VOLT™ Pulse  Hybrid E-bike VOLT™ Pulse  Hybrid E-bike

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55/80+ Miles


Li-Pol 36v


19.6 kg*


15.5 mph

Max Rider Weight:

Pulse Hybrid e-bike is available on Cycle Scheme 
VOLT™ Pulse LCD Display VOLT™ Pulse Seat VOLT™ Pulse chain wheel VOLT™ Pulse Lights VOLT™ Pulse Tektro Disc Brakes
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VOLT™ Pulse Hybrid E-bike

The VOLT™ Pulse Hybrid E-bike is one of the latest 2016 models and features some amazing technology and design advances.

One of the best electric bicycles available, the VOLT™ Pulse proves popular with all types of riders. Stylish design and powerful 250W Bafang motor means it looks great and can take you almost anywhere.

Hybrid E-bikes are designed to be comfortable on road and on light off-road routes, this bike is perfect for both. You'll look great riding in the city or the country.

The 250 Watt maintenance free Bafang Power Motor ensures this electric bicycle can comfortably take you up any hill and makes easy riding against strong winds. But if you choose to ride without power assistance, the Pulse is a great ride with pedal power alone.

New for this year, the VOLT™ Pulse features "V-Wave" technology, the most customisable riding system available for electric bikes. V-Wave is an intuitive PAS (Pedal Assist) system allowing riders to adjust the power of the electric bike to best suit their riding style. V-Wave gives riders the ability to choose how quickly or slowly their bike accelerates, and monitors the pedalling efforts of the rider to release power when it's most needed. V-Wave also increases battery and motor efficiency giving you more miles on each charge, and reduces the sound levels of the motor to near silent.

You have a choice of 5 PAS speed settings (0-5) or you can simply cruise without pedalling using the easy twist thumb throttle. With a top speed of 15.5mph this hybrid electric bicycle will get you to your destination fast.

All the components used on this bike are high end: from Shimano Alivio gears to Tektro Safety "Power Cut" Brakes, guaranteeing you a reliable, fun and very safe ride. The technology side of the bike is maintenance free and very reliable, meaning you can take your electric bike in for routine servicing at any good quality bicycle shop throughout the UK and Europe.

The Volt Pulse comes as standard with a powerful Kingco 36v Standard Lithium Polymer Battery (55+ miles) with and optional 36v Large (80+ miles) battery upgrade. Lithium Polymer batteries are the best batteries for electric bikes.

As with all VOLT™ electric bikes, the Pulse is fitted as standard with high end components throughout:

  • Shimano Alivio 8 Speed Gears
  • LCD Display showing speed, distance, battery power
  • Tektro High Performance “Safety Power Cut” Brakes
  • Spanninga Dutch Front and Rear Lights
  • Quick release cables for easy maintenance
  • Lithium Polymer Battery (the best electric bike batteries)
  • V-Wave Intuitive Technology
  • Throttle and PAS
  • 250 Watt Bafang Power Motor option
  • Kingco 36v Standard - 36v Large Battery
  • High Grade Reinforced Aluminium 6061 T6 Frame
  • Guaranteed Quality Standards EN 15194 & EN14764 and also SGS guaranteed for further quality assurance
  • UK designed and engineered
  • 2 Year “full peace of mind” Warranty

With the VOLT™ Pulse you are guaranteed the best riding experience at incredibly good value, and with the hybrid design this really is a go anywhere e-bike.


*The distances shown on our website are based on real tests under the following conditions:
Rider Weight: 11 Stone
Controller Speed Setting: Low to Medium
Riding conditions: Warm summer day
Road conditions: Tarmacked good condition roads, quite flat terrain
Wind level: Low
Rider fitness level: Medium
Rider effort: Moderate


VOLT™ Pulse Hybrid E-bike Specifications:

General Features  
Category Hybrid E-bike
LCD Display 0-5 Speed Display Showing Speed, Distance, Battery Power
Frame High Grade Reinforced Aluminium 6061 T6 Frame
Weight 19.6 Kg Without Batteries / 23.1* Kg With Battery
Max Person Weight Max 100 Kg
Max Weight (rider + luggage) 125 Kg
Frame Size 19 Inches
Wheel Size 26 Inches x 1.75
Chain KMC
Rims Aluminium Double Wall Reinforced Alex Rim DP20
Tyres CST Puncture Resistant
Hub Aluminium: AV Width: 100 mm - Rear: 135 mm
Seat Height Height 90 cm Min / 106 cm Max
Seat Velo Sport Comfort Saddle
Seat Post EXA Form
Gears Shimano 8 Speed ALIVIO
Brakes, Front / Rear Tektro Aquila Front Disc / Rear Disc
Lights Dutch Spanninga
Front Fork Suspension RST OMEGA RL
Handlebars Zoom – Adjustable
    Motor Features  
Motor 250W Bafang Power Motor
Max Speed Assisted Motor Speed: 15.5 mph or 25 kmh
Location of Motor Rear Hub
Battery Type Lightweight Lithium Polymer
Battery Weight 3.5 kg Or 4.4kg
Power 36v Standard or 36v Large
Distance 55/80+ miles under the PAS (depends on level of assistance)
Lifetime 1000 charge-discharge cycles
Charge Time 4 to 6 hours

Reviews of the VOLT™ Pulse Hybrid E-bike


"I bought a Volt Pulse from a local dealer, I'm a 57 year old woman who rides an ordinary mountain bike every day. I was very impressed with the build quality and look of the bike. It's heavier than an ordinary bike as expected but you soon get used to that. The handlebars are designed to fit your hands perfectly. It has 8 gears and 5 levels of power which you choose on the touch screen of the small computer mounted on the left handlebar. There is also a thumb throttle on the left which powers you forward with ease without peddling. I like the front suspension but decided to have an ordinary seat post instead of the suspension saddle (I replaced the saddle with my own) you have to pedal to get power from the motor then move up through the power settings as needed. This doesn't make you lazy as you want to pedal faster. Power 3 sets you off like a slingshot and it handles hills with ease. Since I bought it I've ridden it every day, mostly in the rain which I was a bit worried about but even torrential rain has no adverse affect on the bikes ability. It's the best bike I have ever had and I'm glad I bought it."

Pauline Odgers
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 04/12/2015

Quality Build

"What a bike this is. Having used it for approx 6 weeks on a daily basis I can honestly say it was the best purchase I have made. I settled for the Volt Pulse after many many hours of research on electric bikes and came to the conclusion that if Volt are willing to offer 2 years warrenty then they are very clearly standing by the quality and build of the bike. The bike is lovely and smooth with perfect gearing, don't think that electric bikes make you lazy because they don't at all. You will find yourself peddling faster to get past the assist point so better riding experience is achieved. If your hovering buying a Volt I would say go on and get it as you will love it. Just a further note, since having mine I have had numerious people looking at it when it's parked up in town."

Ian Reilly
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 04/12/2015

Well pleased with my purchase.

"Not sure whether I'm supposed to review the seller or the bike itself, so I'll do both.
5 star to the seller, bought the bike and it was delivered by a local company perfectly assembled and ready to go, I was out same day.
Having a test run, brilliant.
OK, the bike itself, me, I'm 74 and cycled all my life, live in the Cotswolds and was struggling to get myself out on my ordinary bike. Bought the Volt Pulse and have now done around 200 miles discovering villages I didn't know existed. The setting (3) I use is like riding on the flat all the time, so suits me being an old boy. I would be happy to do 40miles plus without worrying about the battery running out, although not achieved so far. On the assumption that the bike has a good lifespan I would give it 5 out of 5. I like everything about it, so what do I have reservations about.
Price, expensive, but good buy for me, as I will use it almost daily.
Bicycle itself, looks quality, made out of quality stuff.
Again 5 out of 5
What don't I like, must pick something, the saddle, don't suit my bum, swapped out for one I already had from previous bike.
Also, too low geared, I haven't queried that with suppliers or contemplated changing gearing as it may be relevant to the overall design of the bike.
Still 5 out of 5.
If you can afford one, buy one, brill."

Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 22/10/2015

My new Volt Pulse

"I must say that I am very impressed with my new Volt Pulse, I am 66 years old and riding this bike is an absolute pleasure. Where I live there are quite a few hills which used to kill me on a conventional bike but those days have gone.
I have no hesitation in recommending this bike to anyone thinking of buying.

George Trever
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 22/10/2015

Volt Pulse

"I bought an electric bike because i have a bad knee. I live in Yorkshire so it is quite hilly. I wanted one to commute to work, but my Volt Pulse has opened up a whole new world. Every chance i get im riding it, i can go places now I wouldn't have been able to on my old bike. I did purchase an electric bike before this but wasn't happy with the battery range, so took it back and got the Pulse. This is alot better made bike all round, i can't fault it, and it looks stylish I would recommend this bike i give it 10/10"

Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 21/10/2015

Just brill!

"Having always been very fit, I was astounded when diagnosed with heart disease that required major surgery. After the operation I wanted a way to get back to to fitness without going to the gym. The Volt Pulse Bike was just the remedy. I now regularly do 12 miles per day in the foothills of the Pennines..with some hills 1:5. The bike tackles them effectively!..whilst getting me fitter.
I love the computerised controls and the 8 gear ratios which allow me to travel along the lanes and canal paths of West Yorkshire at speeds of up to 15 mph..!"

Bart Spicer
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 21/10/2015

Volt Pulse

"I reviewed E bikes for sometime before deciding on the Volt Pulse. I was looking for something to commute and Leisure with good mile mileage for assistance. I decided the Pulse 80+ range was for me.
I am knocking on a bit, not particularly fit, and a little overweight. Don't like the gym, but do enjoy cycling.
Collected my bike on the 10.9.15 for the bike shop in Leeds who went through most things with me.
I have only done 35 miles so far, but thought i would do a review and update as I go along.
First impressions. Good lucking thing no doubt, appear to be well built as I did inspect very closely.
I bought the bike to lose weight, get fit, and for fun etc
Not sure about the saddle for me, but will give it sometime. I need to get back into the swing of things.
The bike is heavy compared to a normal road bike, and you need to think how and where you will keep this when not in use.
I am not fit, and due to the weight of the bike I have used power level one assist, even on flat roads until I build up my fitness level.
I have tacked a few steep hills locally and used level 5 boost, WOW what a great help. I would NEVER attempt these hills on my normal bike. You still need to put some effort in so don't be fooled, but it does make it easier a lot easier. Has you get fitter and stronger the use of this may decline extending the battery power.
Am I impressed with the bike Oh yes, it is a great and opens a new lease of life.
Things i am not sure about. The gears are limited as you pick up speed and in 8th gear you a pedaling quite fast, it's a bit early for me to be critical about this due to only 35 miles done, but I feel a larger choice of gears for me at least would be useful. I highly recommend no the less, this is well made product. Will up date when i get some mileage under my belt."

Mr Carl Ellison
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 12/09/2015

Volt Pulse & Metro low step

"After looking at various electric bikes we chose the volts we are in our 80th and 75th years and found the hills a problem. now we seem to have shed 20 years what a pleasure to go out for a ride, the hills we love to chase the lycra boys up the hill and catch them. Many thanks to the A team at london voltbikes for their help and special thanks to Rileys cycle shop in Sherborne and the 3 lovely guys for their patience and help in explaining about the bikes no hard sell at any stage just customer service at its best.
Two born again bikers enjoying rural Dorset"

Elsie Beech
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 01/12/2014

Excellent product, excellent service.

"Bought a Volt Pulse back in September and can honestly say I am delighted with bike and the service I received.
The bike was ordered from the London store on the 15th September and I took delivery on 18th September at their dealer in Glasgow.
Have used the Pulse almost daily and regularly get people admiring it and asking questions about it. Compared to some other ebikes on the market i think ( and have been told by admirers ) that it looks superior. I even got stopped by a policeman who was sitting behind me at traffic lights, only for him to apologise for pulling me over but he just wanted to ask all about the bike and i gave him the contact details for Volts.
I've used it in all weathers and can't praise it highly enough. Excellent build quality and spec, more than you get on some more expensive bikes from other manufacturers. The pedal assist gives excellent variations between 1 and 5, with 5 giving the most assistance, but find using it on 2 or 3 gives as much help as i need. The thumb throttle is a handy feature, especially when pulling away from lights. Battery life also seems to be good and I' m achieving around 40-45 miles per charge, although I've started keeping it topped up as I am finding that my rides are becoming longer due to me enjoying it as much.
All in all, i would highly recommend the bike and the company."

Stuart Mason
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 29/11/2014

Great product

"My Volt Pulse bike is awesome, the build quality and style are top notch and the value for money is without question. I'm really delighted with it.
All i can add is that If your considering an electric bike then consider no more, buy a Volt bike, i promise you, you won't be disappointed."

Mr Mark Machin
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 04/08/2014

Still puts a smile on my face!

"I've been using my Volt Pulse pretty much every day since I bought it in January 2013. I've done well over 6000km and it's still performing perfectly. Did have a slight squeak coming from the suspension seat post but the Volt team sent me a new one straight away. I am constantly getting stopped and asked about the bike and it still puts a smile on my face every time I use it. Great product and great customer service."

Hamza Eatwell
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 02/07/2014

I am 25 years younger with the pedal assistance from the Pulse (I am 85)

"The joy of being able to tackle steep hills just as did when much younger.
I am planning the coast to coast ride that includes Winnlater Pass and Harside Top and am counting on the Pulse to do it.
Good after service with easy to contact Lyle at the Electric bike shop.
Also my local realer who supplied the bike, is well informed on the Pulse and would be available if required, so far, no need.
Thanks to Volt for a great, high quality machine."

John Reynolds
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 06/06/2014

Impressed - from start to finish

"Bought a Volt Pulse for a 12 mile-a-day commute. In my forties and 20lbs overweight so hoping this will help. Lyle and his company were fantastic. I emailed them to say I needed Friday or Saturday delivery and they suggested they deliver to a local bike shop and pay them to set it up for me. I live virtually opposite Lockes in Sandwich so this made a huge amount of sense. VERY happy with my bike. Paired with a set of Red & Black "Ortlieb City Rear Roller" panniers it really looks "the business". Pleased to say you still have to put some effort in to maintain a steady 25km/h - but the motor is amazing - really puts a smile on your face - and the ability to cruise on the thumb-throttle whilst you get your breath back is great. Also can admit I enjoyed overtaking some racing bikes on a hybrid as an overweight 40-something perhaps a little too much :-) Great product. Great company. Highly recommended if you can afford it - can't see how you would be disappointed. "

Matt Stanley-Webb
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 18/03/2014

What a breath of fresh air

"My partner and I spent quite some time in sleuthing which electric bike to buy and we came across the Pulse and the Burlington. We called Lyle in the week to make an appointment for a weekend test ride of the electric bikes and requested that he build the two bikes as we were 99% sure we were going to buy them When we arrived we found him knowledgeable and friendly. He took us for ride around the streets and at each stop he pointed out more features about the bikes. Not once did he try to "sell" us the bikes, which I found very professional We purchased the two as planned and are thrilled with the quality of the bikes and the professional approach by Lyle I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to buy an electric bike to give them a try, I am sure you will not be disappointed "

Norman Morris
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 06/02/2014

Pleasant and helpful people to deal with

"I recently purchased a Volt Pulse electric bike from this company and I have to be honest that before I made the purchase I didn't really know what I wanted, however the people I spoke to on the telephone were knowledgeable and pleasant and gave some very good advice. I decided to order from them and despite living far from London I was kept fully informed when my bike was going to be delivered and the guy who dropped it off went through everything with me despite it pouring with rain and that he had to drive 300 miles north afterwards. I would definitely recommend dealing with this company. I am very pleased with the bike itself and the quality of build and materials fills me with the confidence that it has been built to last."

Greg Entwistle
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 17/11/2013


"After watching (on U Tube) the guy going up the hills at Cairngorms, I was hooked (and the music is good also) I am 74 yrs old, 16st and have not rode a bike for 40yrs. I bought the Pulse 3mths ago. I live at the top of a hill in a village surrounded by hills. 2 minutes from my door I am in the countryside so have ridden the bike along country lanes, through woods, old railway tracks and into Newcastle. I try to average 20miles and on this bike find it easy going especially the last hill to my front door when the motor kicks in and feels like a hand in the centre do my back urging me on. People get the wrong idea of electric bikes, they laugh and think you just sit there but after having a try they realise you have to pedal or it stops, so you are exercising. After looking at various bikes I find The Pulse is manufactured to an extremely high standard and the after sales follow up is very good. This bike is just BRILLIANT"

George Jeffrey
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 02/11/2013

Excellent ebike company

"Purchased the Pulse model some days after test ride. Lyll was very helpful and no pressure to buy and even set bike up ready to ride when I called back a few days later. Three months has passed and over 1000 miles later, bike is working perfectly. I am pleased with performance and distance covered between battery charges. I tend to use highest setting most of the time and still managed to cover maximum of 54km, though usually charge battery 20 to 30km to prolong battery life "

Peter Morgan
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 30/10/2013

I have got an excellent bike.

"VOLT™ bike is really amazing. I live in Enfield and work at Knightsbridge. This long distance I cover by my VOLT™ Pulse bike. Whatever, the weather or road conditions are, it doesn't matter. I enjoy my cycling without any tiredness. I love my bike. "

Syed Ahsan
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 26/10/2013

Keeping up with the racing bikes no problem

"I am very pleased with the VOLT™ pulse electric bike i am diabetic and need to keep fit so i ride the bike most days from sidcup kent to peckham london would recomend this bike thanks electric bike store "

Keith Sykes
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 26/10/2013

Leisure cycling moving to the next level

"The VOLT™ Pulse pedelec bicycle has been a revelation. It does everything claimed. Steep hills are easily climbed, the controls are childsplay and the cycling is fun. I find it doesn't impair fitness training as the motor is easily turned off and conversely easily turned on if required. The back light is excellent but the front light is a little dim off road but apart from that everything is brilliant. Its a pleasure to ride. "

Witali Rishko
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 23/10/2013

Great service!

"Spent a lot of time trying loads of different brands and the VOLT™ Pulse was by far the best. It rides really smoothly and is not as heavy as the others. Everything on the bike is high spec and it looks great too. Thanks"

Robert How
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 05/04/2013


"Just had a bike delivered in Cornwall. Excellent company, a pleasure to do business with. Love my VOLT™ Pulse, it is by far the best looking hybrid electric bike I have seen (and I've looked at a lot!) It also performs above and beyond what I expected and tackles the Cornish hills and cycle paths with ease.
Electric Bike-store what can I say ? I did a lot of research before buying and and spoke to a lot of stores and these guys stood head and shoulders above anyone else. High recommend both product and Store you will not regret it."

Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 11/09/2012

Great Bike, Great service

"Just rode my new VOLT™ pulse electric bike home and very happy. I tried a lot of different bikes before this one, many seemed not as robust and as smooth as this one. You guys clearly know your stuff and were very helpful so thanks!"

Rich Bunce
Rating: 5/5
www.trustpilot.co.uk on 05/03/2012